Sports Production


Hollyweb began its filming career as a sports photographer and videographer for Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma University, and Northeastern State University sports.  Upon opening our doors in 2001, we signed a contract with the Tulsa Oilers professional hockey organization.  For ten years we made them the first sports team to consistently provide fans with video highlights for each game to be streamed on the internet.  This was when streaming video was new and unaffordable to most teams.  We began receiving calls from all over the country for video production services and consultation aiding in bringing other professional teams into the internet streaming market.  In that ten years, we produced over 900 streaming internet videos for the CHL hockey league and AFL arena football league. 

Hollyweb has been contracted to film Hawaii sports for five summers, and provide spectators, players and coaches with video highlights used to better their organizations.  We have produced multiple dvd box sets for Ultimate Fighting, and have produced television programming for ESPN boxing.  Our productions have been seen on ESPN, ESPN2, NBC Sports, Fox Sports, Fox Sports Oklahoma, and NHL Ice.

We have the capability to produce single camera or multicamera productions for television as well as cd rom, dvd, and internet.  We have a strong support group and team who have spent over 50 years combined in the sports film industry.  Some in which work full time primarily in the sports arena....for both game and talk show programming.

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