Corporate Production

A large portion of the videos we produce are considered to be in the corporate and promotional market.  Because of our marketing background teamed with interactive technology tools, we have spent the last fifteen years promoting businesses, products and services to the highest standards while staying within an affordable budget. 

We were one of the first companies to consistently promote sports teams on the internet by way of steaming video highlights.  We have produced marketing packages that have taken startup businesses over the $1,000,000 sales mark within their first two years of business.  And we have helped businesses build credibility at live events using promotional video played on screens, kiosks, and interactive marketing tools like cd rom and dvd. 

Every business should be promoting themselves and their products/services on the internet by way of Youtube and their own personal website.  85% of people view promotional video and advertising on the internet vs. television.  It is accessible on phones, pads, and computers while television ads play primarily on, you guessed it, television.  With todays technology, we have the option to skip through commercials, and often walk away.  We are not saying that television does not work, because it does and always will.  But we highly suggest, at the very least, promoting yourself by way of video on the internet in some fashion.

Let Hollyweb produce a short advertisement, infomercial, demonstration video, or extended play commercial for the consumers to see.  These can be used at trade shows, presentations, promotional handouts, and on the internet.  Video is the best way to sell yourself.  Visual and narrative communication combine to drive the consumer to use your business.

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