Touch Screen Kiosk Design


Touch Screen Kiosks have come a long way since the 1980's....more importantly, they are now affordable for any business, product, or service.

From kiosk models, software, and custom design, we work with our customers to create the perfect interactive kiosk package solutions.  State of the art kiosk design and programming that allows the end user to learn more about your business by touch, sight, and sound.

Hollyweb designs touch screen kiosks that are interactive computer based systems created for public use, with only the necessary equipment exposed.  Items such as cables, switches, printers and cooling systems are hidden inside the kiosk enclosure.  All websites and software can be locked down with our design, keeping your kiosk safe from any internal or external system tampering.  All of our products house a full computer system with an attractive and energy efficient design.  Your staff and customers will find our computer kiosks to be extremely user friendly and easy to navigate.  You can rest easy knowing that our kiosks are ready to assist your customers.  We reinforce their durability and dependability.

Contact us to see our software in action.  Some kiosk applications include...

  • Building Directory
  • Product Sales Kiosk
  • Company Webpage
  • Bill Pay
  • Hall of Fame Display
  • City / Town Guide
  • Memorial Display
  • Survey Kiosk
  • Trade Show Kiosk
  • Internet Kiosk
  • Front Desk Kiosk
  • Event Calendars
  • Self Service Menus
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Tourist Attractions

...many other options and locations are available!