Narration & Soundtrack Services

Why spend your budget on professional marketing and video production, only to back it up with amateur narration and talent.  The cost you save does not compare to the amount of money you could lose in customers.

Allowing us to provided your talent will ensure your message is conveyed effectively and convincingly.  A professional voice will draw attention to your project and hold the viewer for a longer period of time.  Your project will be taken seriously and you will have a higher success rate towards your end goal.

Our narration service is utilized by companies of all sizes nationwide.  ...these are just a few of the applications that use narration services.

  •  Marketing Videos
  • Television commercials
  • Radio Advertising
  • Documentaries
  • Digital Book Readings
  • Public Service Announcements
  • E-Book Recordings
  • Digital Media Voice Guide

We ask you to write your script.  We will give a comprehensive review and add marketing suggestions if needed.  You will approve the final script, and this typically takes less than three days.  We create an initial version of your project.  You review and make changes as needed.  This beta version can be emailed or delivered to you on flash drive, dvd, or cd rom.  We make final edits in your project and submit a final version to you for approval.

Hollyweb has been a buyer of media talent for 15 years.  We have an extensive list of voices and budgets to choose from including female, male, children, and voices of all languages and accents.