Interactive Cd Rom / Dvd Design


Interactive Cd Rom

In 2001, Hollyweb became the first marketing and technology group to offer full programmed and custom designed interactive cd rom sales disks for businesses and organizations.  By teaming our video production with the custom designs and programming, our business exploded out of the gates.  Now in 2015, we are still the #1 designer for interactive cd rom disks in Oklahoma.

Interactive cd roms are great for times in which you want to hand out marketing and sales materials.  Trade shows, conventions, sales booths, in store business counters, and any other location you could see yourself handing out a simple business card.  This promotional tool has been dubbed "the salesman in your pocket" by both local and national media outlets. 

Interactive cd roms can take the place of business cards, flyers, brochures, and catalogs but provide as much information as any website.  Because it is used in computer cd rom drives, the disks even work directly with the internet.  The disks can hold plenty of information like text, photos, videos, narrative audio, music, presentations, catalogs, web links, email links, and even printable documents and coupons.

If you want to maintain the use of print media like brochures or catalogs, you can include a self adhesive disk sleeve to insert into each piece of print media.  Or we can design, print, and produce custom packing for your disk or disk sets.  The options are limitless and so are the disk sizes and shapes.  Full size cd roms, mini round, business card, and custom shaped disks are available.  Our most popular disks are the mini round cd roms that fit in your shirt pocket, about the size of a standard business card.

Your design will be driven by the identity of your business colors, logos and other trademarks that fit the brand of your product, service, or company image.

Dvd Design and Authoring

Hollyweb Video has been one of the regions leading teams for corporate, sports, training, sales, and personal Dvd Design and Authoring services.  matched with our marketing strategies, you will be excited to find out how effective a Dvd can be for your business, products, and services.

Things can go wrong when designing and authoring a dvd disk.  One small error can cause an entire project to fail, a disk to respond abnormally, or your dvd video to lack the quality you deserve.  Our design and authoring services have been tested time and time again, from a single sporting disk, to multi disk box sets.  We know how to create a program that will work every time, and provided the highest quality to your viewer.

Team your dvd disk with an interactive cd rom and give your clients the option of viewing your presentation on computer interactively, or on television with super high definition video with digital quality.  There is nothing we can't do...let us help you come up with your next marketing tool that is effective and affordable.

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