Tulsa Oilers Hockey

Project: Sports Production
Definition: High Definition
Actors: Players, Fans
Video Production: Two Camera
Location: On Location


We first signed a contract with The Tulsa Oilers in 2001, as a new Tulsa company needing to promote its marketing talents and name. 

At this time, the internet was still fairly new, and video was just starting grab the attention of those surfing the net.  We wanted the local professional hockey team to be the first to capture the essence of video by steaming video highlights, player bios, and special event clips online to the local fans as well as fans of the entire league and beyond.

We spent 10 seasons with the Oilers, capturing game and fan highlights for 32 games per season.  We also created a bio video for each player.  Often times we would bring out cameras to some of the fan events for highlights and memories.  In total, we created approximately 75 videos per season and a total of 750 videos in the ten years.  Most importantly, we gave the oilers marketing capabilities they had never seen before, such as...

1. Promoting the excitement of Tulsa and CHL hockey.  By allowing fans to log on and watch streaming highlights, exhilarating goals, and out of control fights, fans became drawn to the excitement and the videos helped sell tickets.  The bio videos helped fans learn more about each player personally.

2. Because the highlight videos were drawing attention to the excitement provided by hockey, ticket sales were strong, and brought an extra ease to sales of corporate sponsorships.  Corporate sponsors were provided extra advertising space as their logos and billboards were often seen in the highlights.

3. Because of the team rivalries, CHL ticket sales flourished as fans from outside cities were able to relive the game on the internet and look forward to their next meeting with the Oilers in their own town.

The Tulsa Oilers were the first professional sports team to consistently provide their fans and sponsors extra attention on the web.  Our video highlights and footage have been seen on ESPN, ESPN2, Fox Sports Oklahoma, NBC, and other affiliates around the country.  Our highlight reels have been viewed around the world.