Beautiful Rooms Furniture

Project: Theater Advertisement
Definition: High Definition
Actors: Employees
Video Production: One Camera, Box Lighting, Floor Dolly
Location: Place Of Business

Beautiful Rooms Furniture in McAlester, Oklahoma needed a commercial production that would help them establish an image, build credibility, and gain footing in the local market.  Their production was set to run for one year in the local movie theater twice before each movie shown on every theater screen. 

McAlester has a limited entertainment venue base, and we understood a good percentage of the community would visit the theater at least once in a year.  It was imperative that we take a small community store, and make it a large furniture entity that would compete with other stores who have been in the area for a longer period of time.  Beautiful Room is a large open warehouse type atmosphere lacking the wall space and décor most stores entail.  The idea was to give the same feel of the atmosphere space as you would get in a typical furniture or room to room setting.

We provided an idea of the many styles of furniture offered, as well the large stock to choose from while in a warm, inviting setting.  Our goal was to bring new customers through the doors giving beautiful rooms the opportunity to compete and win new clients over their competitors.  Our final production overwhelmingly exceeded our goal.