Eastern Oklahoma State College

Project: Theater / Call To Action Production
Definition: High Definition
Actors: Employees, Students
Video Production: Two camera, box lighting, green screen
Location: Place of business, On location

Eastern Oklahoma State College, located in McAlester and Wilburton, Oklahoma, already had a credibility and image with the local communities.  Their marketing efforts focused more on specific groups and programs.  EOSC had purchased a thirty second spot in the local McAlester theater to promote a specific program. 

McAlester has a limited entertainment venue base, and we understood a good percentage of the community would visit the theater at least once in a year.  EOSC knew that there was a large percentage of the surrounding communities who had began their post educational learning experience at some point in life, but may not have finished to receive their final degree.  By advertising in the theater, they are able to reach a large portion of the community whom the Reach Higher program would associate with. 

The Reach Higher program allowed those who began their college education to come back and continue to complete a degree without losing the prior credits.  With a limited number of local jobs available, it hit home to those who were tired of fighting for local positions and set a goal to reach a degree that would open more doors to jobs in the community and larger cities.