Sears Hometown Store

Project: Corporate / Television Production
Definition: High Definition
Actors: Employees
Video Production: One Camera, Floor Dolly
Location: Place Of Business


 Sears Hometown Store was a fairly new entity in the local area, whom fell into a market in which held many different competitors.  The Hometown Stores were a new concept with sears in which allowed investors to open their own smaller version of the larger known Sears.  The store provided the same products, but in a smaller venue with a lower amount of stock to keep warehoused.  It allowed an investor to own their own franchise without the need of renting or owning a large department store that the typical Sears is housed.

 We produced a video for Sears Hometown Store that was just as professional as the nationwide Sears commercials, but let local residence know that they could buy the same products, receive the same services, and work under the same Sears brand but in a smaller based store that people often relate to a quick purchase.  Our final commercial entailed all of the appliances, tools, outdoor equipment and customer service but kept the known Sears image and feel.

 The final goal was to let the locals know that they had an option to shop under the Sears name, but in a locally owned venue in which they could build a personal relationship.