Bikers Against Child Abuse

Project: Call To Action Promotion
Definition: High Definition
Actors: Members, Actors
Video Production: One camera, Box Lighting, Floor Dolly
Location: On location

 The McAlester chapter of Bikers Against Child Abuse purchased a 15 second advertisement spot in the local movie theater.  Their primary goals were to make sure that people knew they were around, what they stand for, and how to find them online.

Fifteen second spots can be tough, especially for non profit organizations.  Not to mention, their advertisement was to run in a crowd out to be entertained by a movie, and have a good time.  We had to find a way to capture the attention of that crowd so we tried to fit the message into a story type setting.  Using tough motorcycle footage, a dark dingy look, and a reality style feel to the production.  In our opinion, most will ignore or be bored by non profit advertising...this spot fit the era and reality we see on television everyday.