Putnam City / James Marsden Event

Project: Promotional / Event Production
Definition: High Definition
Actors: Event Guests, Foundation Employees
Video Production: One Camera
Location: On location

 Brian Norwood, president of Hollyweb Video Marketing Solutions, was raised in Oklahoma City and attended Putnam City schools.  When a special event issuing James Marsden with an award, Hollyweb staff made the decision to attend the event due to the past history.  The Putnam City Foundation was contacted and offered any production services to the event.  Hollyweb was contracted to document the evening with a one camera shoot.

The night entailed a meet and greet with James Marsden, dinner, and an award ceremony.  The heads of Putnam City Foundation asked Hollyweb to create a promotional video for the organization, educating viewers to how the organization plays a vital role in students education, and mixed with highlights from the award ceremony.  The video was used online within social media sites, and special dvd disks were given to the Marsden family for their personal keepsake.

Hollyweb makes it a point to work with non-profit organizations and help them and their needs at an affordable and discounted price.  On this evening, we were able to return the favor of providing an education by providing the services in which that education built a foundation for us.