Sam Wampler's Freedom Ford

Project: Televison Production
Definition: High Definition
Actors: Employees
Video Production: One Camera, Box Lighting, Floor Dolly
Location: Place Of Business

 For Sam Wampler's Freedom Ford, we produced a dual project to be used both in a theater advertisement as well as on television.  Sam purchased and opened his Ford car sales business from an owner who had already built a image and reputation with the past name.  Freedom Ford needed a new image to start building credibility and reputation to the new business name.

 Sam Wampler's Freedom Ford has a great logo created with the colors or freedom, or red, white and blue.  Their business location used the same colors around the entire lot to promote the image and name.  The production of the advertisement needed to embed the look of red, white and blue with freedom in the mind of the consumer every time they heard the Freedom Ford name.

 We shot all video at night, eliminating the bright reflections of the sun and used the lot lights to enhance the colors and contrasts of the automobiles with the dark night background.  We added various red, white and blue effects in the background of the video to draw the eye towards the middle of the screen, and enhance the logo and name while, once again, embedding the freedom image to the Freedom Ford name.  We added a cool factor with fireworks in the video which psychologicaly creates the "wow" factor with the viewer.