Walterbach Homes

Project: Call To Action Production
Definition: High Definition
Actors: Employees
Video Production: Two camera, box lighting, green screen
Location: Place of business, On location

  Walterbach Homes, a designer and builder of high end homes in the Oklahoma area, took part in a one week event known as Street Of Dreams.  We were contracted to design an interactive cd rom disk and produce a video tour of their participating home.

 Our first market create the internet video marketing concept for were local real estate agencies.  Allowing viewers to take narrated video tours online allowing them to narrow down the houses they wanted to view in person.  With Walterbach, we took the concept to the next level by producing a video tour, but also designing a mini disk that provided information about Walterbach and the home interactively.

 The tour is an extensive 9 minute narrated video taking through the home as if you were there in person.  Much like watching a late night infomercial, the more you view the product, the more you want to buy it.  Our video tours did the same for homes.  It would get a viewer excited about the home to a point they wanted to visit in person for a potential purchase.

 The video tour was produced in a time in which the economy was slow for larger homes, and homes in general.  Competing to sell your home against all others on the market took special tools to grab attention.  Our video tour and interactive cd rom disk did just that.