Lindley's Paint & Body

Project: Corporate / Television Production
Definition: High Definition
Actors: Employees
Video Production: One camera, Box Lighting, Floor Dolly
Location: Place of business, On location

 Lindley's Paint & Body set a marketing plan to build their image and name publicly.  Lindley's purchased a one minute advertisement spot as an exclusive client in the local movie theater as well as television spots to be played on various sporting networks. 

Being an exclusive advertiser eliminates the chance of any competitor in their market from sharing the same advertising venue.  Because there is little advertising options in the small town of McAlester, it was as close as they could come to purchasing a monopoly on marketing.  We wanted the advertisement to not only promote the business and its services, but have a cool look that captured the attention of movie audiences.  Our goal was to make them forget any other body shop and automatically think of Lindley's shop anytime car repairs were needed.  80% of the community visit the theater at least once per year, and majority of those attendees own a vehicle.  Therefore, saturating the market with a one minute advertisement would capture a large portion of the business within the local and surrounding area.

There are three stages in the one minute commercial... services, credibility, and asthetics.  We filled the first 20 seconds of the video with their affiliates and automotive partnerships including known names and logos of worldwide groups.  The next 30 seconds entailed information about the business and the services they offer, allowing both narration and video to visually capture the attention of the viewer.  Lastly we gave the video an impressive feel with a dirty automotive feel, smoke, fire, and flashes. 

For television purposes, we created two separate 30 second spots that would rotate on various sporting networks.  Both included the same information and same look, but with different ordering and video footage.  All three videos, the 60 second extended and two 30 second spots are all used on social media sites promoting the business visually on a regular basis.