Pond Eco Water Gardens

Project: Television Production
Definition: Standard Definition
Actors: Employees, Paid Actors
Video Production: Two Camera, Jib Crane
Location: Place of business, On location

Hollyweb Video spent 7 years producing instructional, promotional, and television videos for Pond Eco Water Gardening Systems.  Still to date, these videos were some of our favorite to produce because of the beauty and genius behind the pond and waterfall products, and the atmosphere we were surrounded with.  Pond Eco waned to produce a television spot to play locally, and allow dealers to use in their own location networks.

Our focus was to provide the viewer with various backyard pond, stream and waterfall shots that encouraged them to look into creating the same experience in their own backyards.  We used a number of shots from the individual instructional videos we had produced, and set an on location shoot in one of their favorite backyards with actors mingling in an atmosphere that could be created in any backyard.  The final commercial drew plenty of attention to the catalog of products and expanded their clientele throughout the united states.

The video was also used online as well as promoting the business at various trade show booths.