Project: Call To Action Production
Definition: High Definition
Actors: Employees
Video Production: Two camera, box lighting, green screen
Location: Place of business, On location

Washing County SPCA is a non profit, non euthenize facility that relies on local donations to keep the animals taken care of.  Throughout the year, they hold special events as well as use social media to educate people about their facility and services they provide to the animals.  We wanted to create a video production that helped with this education, in a dramatic and captive manner.

 We spent our efforts directing viewers to the numerical facts about the facility and need for donations.  We wanted to focus on how the money is spent and how dramatically each dollar helps each service.  By using narration teamed with text, it was easy to understand how donations were used.  Lastly we added in the interim president to give a personal touch to the credibility of the facility and services.

 The video debuted at a local concert event drawing attention to the facility and its needs as well as raising a large amount of money to the attendees.  The video continues to play on their social media pages reminding viewers to the needs of donations to the facility.