Being a new appliance never seen in the kitchen and homes industry, The Galley Sink needed a visual way of capturing a consumers attention and leading their excitement into a personal purchase.  We wanted to create a personal sales person in the form of a touch screen kiosk. 


     The Galley Sink was an exciting product that had a number of upgrades to the typical kitchen sink.  The large version is 7' long, had accessories that rested on two tiers and allowed you to clean, cut, cook, and serve a meal all at one station.  We wanted to create a kiosk that would visually demonstrate the many functions of the product.  
     The kiosk was going to be located on a countertop next to the showroom sink.  Our promotional videos included an overall tour of the sink as well as specific uses of the sink that would play while the customers were standing next to the sink.  While seeing the functions in a video, they were able to reach over and attempt the same functions in the showroom.

     We used the kitchen photo graphic to allow a customer to touch various parts and accessories on the sink, and hear a narrated description of that specific accessory.  Touching various spots on the kitchen graphic would do as a sales person would if standing with the customer.  Browsing pages and touching the screen to visually gain information, helped the customer tour the product in a fun and educational way.  It allowed a customer to work in their personal space and timeframe.
     The kiosk provided plenty of product details as well as ordering and contact information.  The kiosk is a valuable tool for sales and demonstration of any product, service, or overall business in a public setting sales personnel are available.


  • Touch Screen Kiosk
  • 5 promotional sales videos
  • Interactive touch and narration tour of the sink
  • Sink accessories and location options
  • Sink specifics and contact information