Project: Touch Screen Kiosk
Definition: High Definition
Actors: Employees
Video Production: Two Camera
Location: On Location


     Permalift Foundation Repair relied on two sources in promoting its services.  First is with an online website, and the second is at trade show booths in multiple cities.  Permalift needed a way to separate their business sales from what the many other foundation companies were doing to promote themselves.  We suggested creating a visual touch screen kiosk so that the words being spoken in sales could be visually understood by the layman customer.


    As you walk through the typical home and garden trade show, you will notice no less than five to ten booths offering foundation repair services.  Most in which attempt to speak to potential clients using words and terms they don't necessarily understand.  Some hand out flyers, brochures and other documents in hope of gaining the clients signature on a contract.  We wanted to give Permalift a tool in which would help the customer understand the process of foundation repair, in turn making the customer feel comfortable with the services Permalift had to offer.
     There are two stages in selling a foundation repair service.  First, you must relate to the damage that is happening with the customers home.  Second, you must prove to the customer that your service will fix keep the damage from happening in the future.  By using a touch screen kiosk, the Permalift sales team could begin understanding the clients home issues without being at the home by bringing various visual photos of foundation damage up on the screen within the trade show booth.  The customer could then show which photos best describe their personal home damage by touching the screen and browsing for the identical photos showing damage.  The team could then begin to help the customer understand why the damage was taking place.
     Next the team could bring up their videos, photos, and other visual information by touching the screen and guiding the customer through the repair process while at the same time, helping them understand why their service would better fix the issues than other companies offering repair.  Using words will only help about 40% of customers understand the process.  By using the touch screen kiosk, they could relate the detailed process with at least 90% of the clients within a matter of five minutes, which is the typical maximum time you have to sell a potential customer.
     The Permalift kiosk entailed videos of both foundation repair services as well as concrete repair and replacement.  The kiosk also had plenty of documented information, photos of damage and repairs, repair process graphics, and contact information.  All in which could be browsed by simply touching the screen to move from page to page.


  • Professional video detailing foundation repair
  • Professional video detailing concrete repair and replacement
  • Photos of typical foundation damages
  • Photos of homes that had been repaired before and after
  • Graphics detailing the foundation repair process
  • Information and photos detailing the products used to repair foundations
  • Contact information including phone, website, and email