Project: Call To Action / Corporate Production
Definition: Standard Definition
Actors: Employees, Clients
Video Production: Two camera, box lighting
Location: Place of business, On location

A large portion of our video productions consist of promoting a business entity, name and image. Providing viewers with the information they need to make the final decision on using that business and their products or services. Dillon Adopt International needed a visual tool to provide and educate potential clients of their services, and build credibility to those who are hearing about Dillon for the first time.

Dillon provides adoption services to families who are seeking a child from an outside country. There are a number of laws, rules and steps in play when it comes to this type of adoption. It was important to give the viewer the blueprint of the process without overwhelming them with a lot of confusing information. We then topped that off with past client testimonials and stories that showed the potential client happiness and worth to extensive process.

The final video was produced to play on a packaged dvd that would be sent out to anyone who showed interest by way of a phone call, email, or application.