Project: Interactive Business Card Cd Rom
Definition: Computer
Actors: Employees, Players, Fans
Video Production: Two camera, box lighting
Location: Place of business, On location


     Much like the highlight videos Hollyweb provided for the Tulsa Oilers professional hockey association, we also provided videos for the Tulsa Talons arena football team.  As with any professional team, they rely on corporate sponsors and advertising dollars to pay the team budget.  A typical corporate advertising contract would start at $2500 and would raise up to $30,000 depending on the type of sponsorship being contracted.  Often times, after the first sponsorship meeting with the potential client, time would be needed to make the final decision on how much a client would pay in advertising.  The Talons staff needed a marketing took that would visually keep the advertiser excited, even though a sales staff member was not guiding them through the sales process.


    We wanted to make a simple and straight forward Business Card Cd-Rom that entailed all of the advertising and sponsorship options being offered to the client, as well as a exciting and intense promotional video that excited the client into purchasing a larger advertising contract than they initially planned.
     The interactive cd rom was going to be in the size and shape of a business card so that any sales staff member could carry in their pocket and easily handed out to potential clients.  The disk label was colorful and drew enough attention causing the client to want to place the disk in the computer and learn more about the new arena football association and sport.  Business card cd-roms were new and rare at the time, so they enticed most to open the program and browse the information included on the cd disk.
     We used the highlight footage to create an exciting two minute video that created a need to be a part of the team as a corporate sponsor.  The clients were able to see the various types of advertising around the arena and which sponsorships created the best visual promotion for their business. The footage showed the excitement in the crowds and how sponsorships played a role in the game interactivity.  This made selling the more expensive spots easier for the office staff, and created a race to secure sponsorships before the next advertiser. 
     The interactive cd entailed easy to follow information about each style of sponsorship including photos of each form of advertisement as well as how that advertisement played a role in game activity.  This made it easy for the client to browse through the various options and choose the type of sponsorship that fit their business best.  The interactive disk helped create salesmanship without the need of a sales staff member to be with the client in making the final decision.  This allowed the sales staff to spend more time talking with more potential clients.


  • Interactive business card cd-rom
  • Exciting promotional video
  • Detailed list of sponsorship and advertising options
  • Photos detailing each form of advertisement
  • Direct contact links including website and emails