Project: Interactive Mini Cd Rom
Definition: Computer
Actors: Employees, Clients
Video Production: Two camera, box lighting
Location: Place of business


     In 2004, Jarrett Farm contracted Hollyweb to create a marketing plan in which would help the business secure a stronger percentage of client bookings after initial contact.  Jarrett Farm was a small country resort located just 30 minutes outside of Tulsa.  The location offered a quiet getaway for locals, business meetings, weddings and short term getaway packages.  Jarrett housed a number of guest cottages, a large clubhouse with meeting rooms and restaurant, swimming pool, and acres of land with plenty of views. 
     Potential guests would typically call to gain information about the resort, and only a small percentage of the customers would make the drive to the location for a personal visit.  Those customers were typically the guests who wanted to house their wedding day.  Those looking for a short dinner and nights stay would make their decisions based on a telephone interview.  Jarrett was a location in which relied on its outstanding visual tour of their amenities to gain majority of signed contracts.  We were asked to find a way to excite those potential guests into making a visit to the location, or booking their reservations over the phone.


    The marketing plan and technology we needed to create for Jarrett Farm was obvious.  An interactive cd-rom would allow the customer to learn more about Jarrett and view video tours of each cottage styles and amenities.  View video of dinners, meetings, and wedding parties with visual detail of all included with each occasion.  After viewing the cd-rom contents and videos, the customer at the very least would make a personal visit to the location or call and register their booking dates. 
     The video tours entailed visual scenes of all rooms and amenities for each cottage style and floorplan.  Jarrett had over 10 cottages to offer, each with a different design and size.  The tours were consistent with a personal visit, and allowed the customer to easily choose their favorite cottage.  All tours were professionally narrated and helped give audible detail as if they were with a Jarrett consultant in person.
     Weddings were a big event and money maker for Jarrett.  It was typical to host an outdoor wedding, a full lunch or dinner for all guests in the restaurant, and book all of its cottages for the wedding guests to stay for the weekend for an extended wedding reception.  By allowing the customer to see the style of weddings that were offered by Jarrett in visual detailed video, they were able to secure a larger percentage of wedding dates without a personal visit.
     In the end, Jarrett now had a technology driven tool that allowed them to send a small mini cd-rom disk out to potential clients overnight, and secure more booking contracts without losing the customer due to the lack of personal visits because of driving distances.


  • Interactive mini Cd-Rom disk
  • Full narrated tours of all 10 styles of guest cottages
  • Full video detailing the restaurant, meeting rooms, and wedding amenities
  • Restaurant menus and wedding options
  • Printable booking contracts
  • Interactive maps and driving directions
  • Contact information and direct emails