Project: Interactive Cd Rom / Dvd Box Set
Definition: Computer
Actors: Employees
Video Production: Two camera, box lighting
Location: Place of business, On location


     Being a new appliance never seen before in the kitchen and homes industry, The Galley Sink needed a visual way of capturing a consumers attention and leading their excitement into a personal purchase.  Because the team spent their time in personal sale meeting as well as tradeshows, the disk packages would be perfect to send home with the potential buyer.


    The Galley Sink was an exciting product that had a number of upgrades to the typical kitchen sink.  The large version is 7' long, and had accessories that rested on two tiers and allowed you to clean, cut, cook, and serve a meal all at one station.  We wanted to produce videos that could relate any person with a potential need for the sink.  Our promotional videos included an overall tour of the sink as well as specific uses of the sink and the option of an outdoor location.
     We designed and programmed an interactive cd that was very instructional as well as fun to browse due to the interactive nature of the presentation.  A viewer was able to click various spots around the sink and its accessories to learn more in visual detail and narration.  This was as close to being with a sales associate without the pressure of a purchase.  The cd went into detail about the sink, its accessories, specifications, outdoor sinks, undermount sinks, contact information and videos.
     The interactive cd-rom was teamed with a dvd that could be played both on a computer and a television dvd player.  Both disks were packaged in dual dvd case with an outer printed sleave.  Both easy to ship and easy to handle for trade shows.


  • Interative Cd-Rom disk teamed with a Dvd in one package
  • 5 promotional sales videos
  • Interactive touch and narration tour of the sink
  • Sink accessories and location options
  • Sink specifics and contact information