Project: Interactive Mini Cd Rom
Definition: Computer
Actors: Employees
Video Production: One camera, box lighting
Location: On Location


     Walterbach Homes, a designer and builder of high-end homes in the Oklahoma area, took part in a one week event known as Street Of Dreams.  We were contracted to design an interactive cd rom disk and produce a video tour of their participating home.  In a slow real estate market, million dollar homes weren't selling...especially those homes in the $5,000,000 range.  Walterbach needed a tool to allow as many high end buyers a way to tour his home and become excited about the prospect of a purchase...even those who were located out of state.


    Hollyweb began its video marketing services in the Real Estate market with the idea of bringing narrated video home tours to the internet.  Home buyers typically tour 3 to 7 houses average before choosing what will be the most expensive purchase in their lifetime.  We wanted the people seeking a new home a way to view as many homes as the wanted to tour before making that final home purchase decision.  Filming narrated tours of homes would give a buyer the opportunity to tour homes from their own house.  This would save the buyer a large amount of time it takes to travel from house to house for personal viewings...and would save realtors time from giving tours of house in which the buyer would never be interested in.
     We spent one day filming the interior and exterior of the home as well as focused on specialty rooms and amenities.  The final video production included narration and music, and provided enough visual details of the home to help any potential buyer decide if a personal tour would be of interest.
     The next project was to design a full interactive cd rom that provided the viewer with information about the builder and company, photos and video of the home, testimonials and contact information.  As a marketing goal to help the client recoup our production cost, the team sold 14 sponsor spaces on the disk.  These spots were a short profile of each sponsor, their contact information and logo.  The sponsor was also personally mentioned in the video narration in the specific sections of the house they designed for Walterbach.  These spots were sold at $500.00 each, in which covered the full cost of the cd design, video production, and 500 disks.  By simply offering other businesses in the same market an opportunity to reach the same client in the real estate market, Walterbach had no out of pocket expense.
     The program was placed on a mini sized cd-rom disk with printed face and vinyl sleeve.  It was small enough for realtors to carry in their pockets or purse and mailing it out to potential out of state buyers cost one stamp.


  • Full narrated tour of the 11,000 sq. ft. luxury home
  • Interactive promotional and sales mini cd-rom
  • Bio information about the builder
  • Photos of the home and amenities
  • Past client testimonials
  • Cd sponsors including appliance, flooring, granite and kitchen design stores.
  • Profile page for each sponsor including contact information
  • Contact information for Walterbach Homes