Project: Interactive Mini Cd Rom
Definition: Computer
Actors: Employees, hired actors
Video Production: Collaboration
Location: Place of business, On location


     In 2003, Thrifty Car Sales franchising department, located in Tulsa, contracted us to find a technology based tool in helping them provide franchising information to potential buyers without the bulk print and cost typically placed on their budget.  The normal plan was to send out a 275 page catalog detailing everything franchise, in which every potential franchise buyer had to read word for word just to grasp the general idea behind a Thrifty franchise.
     Hollyweb was given three weeks to do what other groups could not achieve in three months.  Design and master a Thrifty Car Sales interactive mini cd-rom disk and promotional package.  We completed the mission, and we did it better and at half the cost!


    The marketing plan we had to create was fairly simple, especially being for a worldwide company.  The part that made us nervous was the image had to live up to the Thrifty Brand.  It was hard to imagine that we were about to make this happen in three weeks, out of a two office location.
    We were simply asked to place the franchising catalog on an easy to browse, cd-rom disk.  We went much further.  The cd-rom opened up with a one minute video that excited potential buyers about the brand and its credibility.  We provided text information about the brand, operations support, financing, marketing and advertising, purchasing programs, partners, and of course the printable franchise catalog that was typically in print and mailed.
     The design was easy for any viewer to interactively browse.  With a clean design entailing Thrifty colors and photos, it brought a cool feeling to a brand trying to sell its franchises.  Even for those who weren't necessarily interested in Thrifty, the disk was fun to surf.  When this excited the layman, we knew it would work for the potential franchisee.  We helped cut Thrifty's marketing cost, created a simple method of getting a full catalog into the hands of buyers, and placed them ahead of any competitor when it came to using technology in marketing.
     Finally, we designed a bi-fold package that opened up to reveal the Thrifty franchise motto and mini cd-rom disk.


  • Corporate video bringing credibility and excitement to the Thrifty brand
  • Information about the brand and beliefs
  • Details about franchise operations support
  • Financing options and requirement details
  • Goals of marketing and advertising
  • Purchasing programs and options
  • Information detailing Thrifty partners
  • A pdf readable and printable file of the entire franchise catalog
  • Fun and interesting Thrifty history timeline
  • Bi-fold packaging entailing a mini cd-rom disk