With more time available to focus on new clients, Hollyweb began to once again expand its service list.  We began promoting out newest marketing service....Interactive Touch Screen Kiosk Design.  In earlier years, it would cost any business tens of thousands of dollars to have a kiosk built and programmed.  This would eliminate the opportunity for most small businesses, and easily effected a larger companies budget.  Hollyweb now offers a low cost kiosk design service that allows and small or large business to have a desktop or full size kiosk as their newest marketing tool.  Much like the interactive cd-rom disks, our kiosks are interactive and surfed by the consumer simply by touch the screen.  These can be used as a service kiosk in a doctors office, at a company trade show booth, or as a full size stand in a car dealership allowing the consumer to design and purchase the car of their choice.  The possibilities are endless, and the costs are a fifth of what they were in the 80s and 90s. 
     With social media becoming the newest and largest form of marketing / advertising for small and large businesses, we began to do extra research on our website design and online marketing strategies.  It was amazing to us how many past, current, and new clients had paid various designers for a new website, yet never received what they were asking for hoping for.  The web design industry in the local market was out of control.  We stepped up our website programming skills and learned the newest forms of site management in which allowed companies to log into their own website and make typical changes on their own without having to pay a designer to do all of the coding.  With a short time of training, it became possible for them to add photos, text, documents, web links and pages to their new site. 
     Our newest marketing tool comes in the form of a robot, or drones as we know them.  Before, we had to hire and pay a large part of a budget towards helicopter services if we wanted aerial footage.  Now, we program a flight plan into our drones computer, and they bring back Hollywood quality footage from above.  We continue to develop new ideas for the use of drones, and will have new samples available soon.  It is endless to what can be filmed with a drone and relies on the wide view of our imagination.
     We continue to add new services and sample projects to our website, so please check back now and again.  We appreciate you taking the time to learn about Hollyweb Video Marketing Solutions and its history!