Hollyweb began this year by signing a new contact that would send us to Hawaii for the next five summers.  Our job would be to to film football and volleyball players / games as well as one week tours around the island of Oahu.  We would use the videos to produce Dvd packages that all players, tourists and coaches were provided for a low cost.  We spent two months out of each summer completing the dvds by editing all video tour and game footage into 10 separate packages created for each specific state and team.  It was amazing having the opportunity to film at some of Hawaii's popular attractions like Diamondhead, Pearl Harbor, Oahu Flea Market, North Shore Beaches, Paradise Cove Luau facility, Hanauma Bay snorkeling, and Waikiki Resorts.
     We continued to provide marketing to our current and new clients as well as became the official provider of videography services for both Ultimate Fighting and VH1 events in Oklahoma.  Our client list continued to grow, including Sweet Adelines International, Murphy Oil, Consolidated Printing Solutions, and other nationally ranked companies.