While spinning towards the end of a dismal economy, we continued to help market local businesses as well as a few national companies like Dollar Thrifty, Pond Eco Water Gardening Systems, and Dillon Adopt International.  We had proven our video production and marketing talents to those in which gave us an opportunity.
     Once again, we were able to predict the future of technology marketing by starting the process of creating interactive cd-rom and dvd disks on both full size and mini round / business card cd roms that could be carried in a pocket, or shipped in the mail affordably.  We were able to place an entire company catalog, business profile and information, videos, photos, website and email links as well as printable documents on a disk designed and themed for the client.  Hollyweb also began duplicating and printing the disks in house with our replication services, and we partnered with a printing firm in which would take our packaging designs, and created the packaging for our projects.  Twelve years later, we are still the leading provider of interactive disk design, mastering, and duplication.
     In 2004, I had the idea of helping local schools raise money, and provide Oklahoma consumers a cool way to save money....printable coupons online and cd-rom.  We designed, programmed and packaged a cd-rom disk that promoted over 140 local business with their own business profile page, video, web links and printable coupons that could be reprinted and used for one year.  Consumers were offered the opportunity to purchased the disk, visit business profile pages online and on the disk, and print coupons as many times as they wish.  100,000 disks were printed and donated to all local public schools to sell as individual organizations or school as a whole.  This was the first interactive cd-rom dedicated promotional tool created with the goal of saving consumers money while raising money in the United States
     Hollyweb continued to design and master interactive disks while signing new marketing contracts with businesses around Oklahoma and surrounding states.  Our portfolio was growing, and so were our services.