I began working as a sports photographer while attending Oklahoma State University.  Primary tasks were to document all college sports as well as chosen student life events for the campus newspaper.  Not only did I shoot photography, I was taught the procedures to develop all of my own photographs throughout the two years I worked as a school photographer.  At the same time, I spent two years in the Theatrical Arts department pursuing an associates degree in stage direction.
     In 1997, I transferred to Northeastern State University to receive a Bachelors degree in Business Marketing.  My video career began as the head of student media services.  My primary job was to film all campus sports, student life, and produced a one hour student video yearbook in which was available for all college participants to purchase.  In my years at Northeastern, the media department received the highest number of yearbook sales and I was given an award for my achievements.


     Hollyweb began this year by signing a new contact that would send us to Hawaii for the next five summers.  Our job would be to to film football and volleyball players / games as well as one week tours around the island of Oahu.  We would use the videos to produce Dvd packages that all players, tourists and coaches were provided for a low cost.  We spent two months out of each summer completing the dvds by editing all video tour and game footage into 10 separate packages created for each specific state and team.  It was amazing having the opportunity to film at some of Hawaii's popular attractions like Diamondhead, Pearl Harbor, Oahu Flea Market, North Shore Beaches, Paradise Cove Luau facility, Hanauma Bay snorkeling, and Waikiki Resorts.
     We continued to provide marketing to our current and new clients as well as became the official provider of videography services for both Ultimate Fighting and VH1 events in Oklahoma.  Our client list continued to grow, including Sweet Adelines International, Murphy Oil, Consolidated Printing Solutions, and other nationally ranked companies.


     Upon graduating with a Bachelors in Business Marketing, and two years in Theatrical Arts directing, I moved to Tulsa with a goal of opening a marketing firm in which catered to video technology and the marketing of local and national businesses...Hollyweb Video Marketing Solutions was born.  I realized the next big achievement in a new internet was going to be video.  Shortly after opening our doors, the September 11, 2001 tragedy put a barrier on our economy, making it tough to gain new marketing clients for three years.
     I began filming real estate video tours for Oklahoma realtors, helping them provide a new technology that helped buyers quickly search for and tour homes from their home.  While I built a video portfolio, I signed the Tulsa Oilers professional hockey team to a contact that would allow me to provide fans with online streaming player bio videos and game highlights.  The Tulsa Oilers were the only professional hockey team in the Central Hockey League, as well as only sports team in the country consistently documenting their team with online videos.  This gave local fans and fans in the CHL exciting game footage, helped promote ticket sales, and allowed the office to provide team sponsors extra advertisers and attention in every online video.  Our contract with the Oilers lasted for ten years and through the opening of the new BOK Center.  Shortly after, we added the Tulsa Talons arena football team to our roster.


     In 2010, Hollyweb was contracted to be the provider of marketing service for The Galley sink, the newest appliance in the kitchen industry.  We were challenged to help the new startup business grow to a level of success within its first two years.  Hollyweb helped the company reach its $1,000,000 sales mark within its first 18 months in business.  We started by providing a design and creation of their online website in which consumers could learn more about the sink through text, photos, and of course video.  We then designed, programmed and created a touch screen kiosk in which would sit next to the Galley sink display in various stores and allow the consumers to learn more about the product simply by touching an interactive screen.  This kiosk filled in for when there weren't sales associates around the product to answer questions.  We helped promote the company online through social media services like Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter.  Hollyweb crated brochures, a dual interactive cd-rom / dvd package, 14 total videos, and finished the contract by aiding in trade show research and development.  After being offered a sales position with the company, we stepped away to continue our goal of marketing and technology production for growing and corporate businesses.
     Seasons nine and ten with the Tulsa Oilers were upon us, and the team had now moved into the newly built Bank Of Oklahoma Arena.  We began 2009-2010 seasons by providing the team with its first opening video to be played on the eight screen center ice scoreboard.  Video on the internet had become very typical and the newness had warn down.  Hollyweb decided to free up more time for other clients by ending its production of player and game highlights, making 2010 its last season.  we were very proud of what we had done for the past ten years with the hockey association.  We had provided a service that no other team had access to, and we picked up a number of new sports clients locally and nationally.


     While spinning towards the end of a dismal economy, we continued to help market local businesses as well as a few national companies like Dollar Thrifty, Pond Eco Water Gardening Systems, and Dillon Adopt International.  We had proven our video production and marketing talents to those in which gave us an opportunity.
     Once again, we were able to predict the future of technology marketing by starting the process of creating interactive cd-rom and dvd disks on both full size and mini round / business card cd roms that could be carried in a pocket, or shipped in the mail affordably.  We were able to place an entire company catalog, business profile and information, videos, photos, website and email links as well as printable documents on a disk designed and themed for the client.  Hollyweb also began duplicating and printing the disks in house with our replication services, and we partnered with a printing firm in which would take our packaging designs, and created the packaging for our projects.  Twelve years later, we are still the leading provider of interactive disk design, mastering, and duplication.
     In 2004, I had the idea of helping local schools raise money, and provide Oklahoma consumers a cool way to save money....printable coupons online and cd-rom.  We designed, programmed and packaged a cd-rom disk that promoted over 140 local business with their own business profile page, video, web links and printable coupons that could be reprinted and used for one year.  Consumers were offered the opportunity to purchased the disk, visit business profile pages online and on the disk, and print coupons as many times as they wish.  100,000 disks were printed and donated to all local public schools to sell as individual organizations or school as a whole.  This was the first interactive cd-rom dedicated promotional tool created with the goal of saving consumers money while raising money in the United States
     Hollyweb continued to design and master interactive disks while signing new marketing contracts with businesses around Oklahoma and surrounding states.  Our portfolio was growing, and so were our services.


     With more time available to focus on new clients, Hollyweb began to once again expand its service list.  We began promoting out newest marketing service....Interactive Touch Screen Kiosk Design.  In earlier years, it would cost any business tens of thousands of dollars to have a kiosk built and programmed.  This would eliminate the opportunity for most small businesses, and easily effected a larger companies budget.  Hollyweb now offers a low cost kiosk design service that allows and small or large business to have a desktop or full size kiosk as their newest marketing tool.  Much like the interactive cd-rom disks, our kiosks are interactive and surfed by the consumer simply by touch the screen.  These can be used as a service kiosk in a doctors office, at a company trade show booth, or as a full size stand in a car dealership allowing the consumer to design and purchase the car of their choice.  The possibilities are endless, and the costs are a fifth of what they were in the 80s and 90s. 
     With social media becoming the newest and largest form of marketing / advertising for small and large businesses, we began to do extra research on our website design and online marketing strategies.  It was amazing to us how many past, current, and new clients had paid various designers for a new website, yet never received what they were asking for hoping for.  The web design industry in the local market was out of control.  We stepped up our website programming skills and learned the newest forms of site management in which allowed companies to log into their own website and make typical changes on their own without having to pay a designer to do all of the coding.  With a short time of training, it became possible for them to add photos, text, documents, web links and pages to their new site. 
     Our newest marketing tool comes in the form of a robot, or drones as we know them.  Before, we had to hire and pay a large part of a budget towards helicopter services if we wanted aerial footage.  Now, we program a flight plan into our drones computer, and they bring back Hollywood quality footage from above.  We continue to develop new ideas for the use of drones, and will have new samples available soon.  It is endless to what can be filmed with a drone and relies on the wide view of our imagination.
     We continue to add new services and sample projects to our website, so please check back now and again.  We appreciate you taking the time to learn about Hollyweb Video Marketing Solutions and its history!