Q. Is the actual Kiosk machine included in the kiosk design fees?

     Much like our interactive disk design and duplication services, both the kiosk design and actual kiosk machine are separate.  You will pay for the design and programming of the final master that plays on the kiosk, and you will pay a separate fee for the kiosk machine.  The final contract fee agreed by Hollyweb and client are inclusive once signed.  But you will have to decide what type, size and model of kiosk you want to use before a final fee can be determined and agreed upon.
     We do not upcharge for the kiosk machine.  We do order and purchase the machine for you.  We consistently watch special pricing and sales to get you the best deal available at the time.  You will receive the final receipt, warranty and paperwork that was included with the purchase of the touch screen machine.