Q. Do you charge hourly rates?

     No, we do not charge by the hour.  In fact, we believe that practice is unfair to the client and should never be used in the marketing and design industry.  For example, on one day a website designer could be stress free and able to accomplish a good portion of work for every hour they put into your site.  On the next day, the designer could be lacking on sleep, therefore only produce a quarter of what they normally complete in each hour.  But both scenarios expect you to pay the same price per hour.
     At Hollyweb, we provide you with a final inclusive fee for the contract.  We know what we are being paid and how much time we have to accomplish our goals to completing your project.  If we have setbacks or lacking days, it comes out of our time and we pay for it.  Your final fee will never change, specific aspects of the contract are changed, like adding extra services after the production has already begun.   No additions to your contract or fees will be made without a signed agreement by both Hollyweb and its client.