Frequently asked questions

Q. What is a marketing plan?

     A Hollyweb marketing plan is essentially a blueprint of how and why we choose specific services for your business to reach its final goal.  We explain in depth each service, and go into detail of why the service will help you with your products, services, and overall business.  We provide you with a Return On Investment model in which describes the total cost of our services vs. the value and income it will bring back towards your profit goal.

Q. Do you charge hourly rates?

     No, we do not charge by the hour.  In fact, we believe that practice is unfair to the client and should never be used in the marketing and design industry.  For example, on one day a website designer could be stress free and able to accomplish a good portion of work for every hour they put into your site.  On the next day, the designer could be lacking on sleep, therefore only produce a quarter of what they normally complete in each hour.  But both scenarios expect you to pay the same price per hour.
     At Hollyweb, we provide you with a final inclusive fee for the contract.  We know what we are being paid and how much time we have to accomplish our goals to completing your project.  If we have setbacks or lacking days, it comes out of our time and we pay for it.  Your final fee will never change, specific aspects of the contract are changed, like adding extra services after the production has already begun.   No additions to your contract or fees will be made without a signed agreement by both Hollyweb and its client.

Q. Do we write our own video narration?

     We highly suggest that you provide us with as much information about your products, services and business as possible.  You know your business better than anyone, so we feel it is best that you at least write out a detailed page describing what it is we are promoting in the video.  We will then take the information that you provide for us, and properly place it within the narration as we see will best market and reach your overall goal in the final video.  We will provide you with a final narration for you to sign off, and then we send it out to our narrators.  Once it is returned, we complete the final production, and once again, you will sign off as approved, or provide us with detailed changes you would like to make.

Q. Who provides talent to be in the video?

     It depends on the production, and your budget.  Most of our clients provide employees, friends, or themselves to play the roles in the video.  However, if you want professional talent to play those roles, we have an extensive list of people who are available both locally and nationally.  Their rates vary depending on the needs and time spent producing their part of the video.  If you use your own people, there be no extra charge added to the contract.  If we need to hire talent, you will be given options and sign off on a fee agreement that will be added to the backend of our contract.  We will let you know that this extra fee is possible before we sign the initial contract.
     Narration and voice talent is included in the original contract.

Q. Are disk duplication fees separate from the cd-rom / dvd design fee?

     Yes they are...they are two separate services and we charge for each.  The design and programming fee pays for the time it takes to design and program your disk to work on computers and dvd players.  This includes all art as well as coding involved in the programming phase.
     The duplication fee is determined by the amount of disks needed and the type of packing you choose to place your disk in.  Printing fees are included with both duplication and packaging.  You will know a final fee per disk, and will have to give a final number of disks before the fee is tallied and the contract is signed.  We discount at different levels based on bulk duplication and replication.

Q. Is the actual Kiosk machine included in the kiosk design fees?

     Much like our interactive disk design and duplication services, both the kiosk design and actual kiosk machine are separate.  You will pay for the design and programming of the final master that plays on the kiosk, and you will pay a separate fee for the kiosk machine.  The final contract fee agreed by Hollyweb and client are inclusive once signed.  But you will have to decide what type, size and model of kiosk you want to use before a final fee can be determined and agreed upon.
     We do not upcharge for the kiosk machine.  We do order and purchase the machine for you.  We consistently watch special pricing and sales to get you the best deal available at the time.  You will receive the final receipt, warranty and paperwork that was included with the purchase of the touch screen machine.